Through "Pre-Seed To Succeed", we offer initial funding, a tailored program providing comprehensive fundraising support, access to seasoned experts and mentors from various fields, and a 50% commitment to the next round for proven candidates.

To be clear, "Pre-Seed to Succeed" is not an accelerator, mentorship program, or side hustle. Investing in startups is our primary focus.

Start with the captable of the dream - initial funding from 4 reputable venture funds.
Secure your fundraising success with our 50% follow-on commitment in the upcoming investment round.
Tap into an extensive global network of VC funds and angel investors with warm intros from our Team.
Get personalized guidance from a founding partner during the entire program. No «one size fits all» approach.
Gain insights from leading experts and mentors to maximise your fundraising success.
Access exclusive opportunities to join top-tier startup accelerators through the support of alumni from our portfolio companies.

Founding partners

Igor Ryabenkiy
Managing Partner at AltaIR Capital
Nikolay Kirpichnikov
Alexander Korchevsky
Managing Partner
at Smart Partnership Capital
Managing Partner
at I2BF Global Ventures
Sergei Bogdanov
Managing Partner at Yellow Rocks!


Josh Gillespie
Enterprise Sales & SaaS Revenue.
2x Unicorn, x-PandaDoc, x-Yelp
Luisa Munoz

Former Head of Strategic Customer Success at Miro.

Head of Customer Success at Social Links

Sergey Dmitriev
Gina Dragulin
Former VP of Marketing at Synthesized, Microsoft, Unbabel.
Senior Director, Platform and Enterprise Product Marketing at Miro
Founder of Unusual Concepts - International Agile Coaching & Consulting Co. Helping clients like Apple, Sony, Symantec become more Agile. Impact investor.
Alex Yakunin
Former CTO of ServiceTitan,
CEO of Actual Chat.
Angel investor and advisor
Leonard Grayver
Founding Partner
at Grayver Law Group

Serial entrepreneur.

Partner at venture fund.

Raised over $100M in venture capital

Founder & former CEO at Busfor (exit $100M).
Founder & CEO at Shoplio

Program partners

With our comprehensive program, you'll not only learn how to transform your idea into a scalable business using proven frameworks to generate quality leads, tap into valuable customer insights, and generate revenues but also master the art of fundraising, understand TAM sizing, and perfect your financial modeling.
We will guide you through every step of building a robust Go-To-Market machine:
Clarify and define your Ideal Customer Profile.
Develop a compelling Strategic Narrative & Manifesto.
Tailor your business model to ensure optimal unit-economics.
Hone your pitching skills and crystallize your value proposition.
Run a Broadway Show That Drives Growth: A unique strategy encompassing digital marketing, B2B sales, and public relations to propel your business forward.
Our Program Library offers you access to a curated collection of best-in-class materials. Here, you'll delve deeper into crafting a potent core strategy around product, fundraising, and go-to-market, coupled with insights into digital marketing, legal intricacies, and much more to catalyze growth.
Our 1on1 Strategy Sessions with seasoned experts will provide a hands-on approach, reviewing your metrics and giving you actionable coaching. Together, we'll refine your core strategy, ensuring that your business model is sound, and help you craft a sales funnel to drive growth.
Full-time team with a Hacker & Hustler on board.
Registered company with an active bank account.
Industries: B2B / SaaS, FinTech, AI, Future of Work, Productivity Tools, Digital Health, HR Tech.
US is your main market.
Working MVP.
First traction.
  • Corporate sport and wellness platform
  • SaaS analytics tool for real estate
  • The Ultimate Visual Feedback, Collaboration & Productivity Tool for Web Professionals
Apply if you think
you’re a good fit!
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